Monday, February 23, 2009

from worse to bad?

After that uplifting start to the week, it's back to our regularly scheduled litany of depression.

Today's contenders for the title of Cranky Curmudgeon Ruining My Morning:

1. Thomas H. Benton at the Chronicle, who has written two different pieces about why you should NEVER EVER GO TO GRAD SCHOOL GOD WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?! The man really seems hell-bent on crushing my fragile hopes and dreams.

2. Tedra Osell at IHE thinks that Benton hasn't done enough to send me into a crisis of anxiety and self-doubt, so she adds her two cents.

Is this one of those situations where I just have to ignore everything everyone tells me?

Neither Benton nor Osell addresses the person who is currently working in the media and thinking about applying to graduate school. These days, going from the media to the academy is only going from the fire into the frying pan, no?

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Udge said...

A lawyer friend reports that his company (international, big name, high profile) is downsizing i.e. firing 15% of staff this year. When the times are so bad that people can't even afford to sue each other, there is no frying pan any more. Which is actually an advantage, because it removes the temptation to ignore your dreams and go for "job security."

Choose a direction that pleases you, and start walking. Well, I guess you've done that, so the line should be "Ignore professional doom-mongers and follow your desires."