Friday, January 2, 2009

onward and upward: a post-it

So we're back to your regularly scheduled (or not) Iditarod. I started the Fagles translation of the Oresteia on the plane back from San Francisco, but the introductory essay was so boring that I read the in-flight magazine instead. And finished the crossword puzzle (with only a couple of errors: I'm bad at baseball players and model trains). I will try again as soon as possible.

I seem to have lost my company's wireless card on the trip back from San Francisco. I feel like Calvin when he broke his dad's binoculars. Awful.

Meanwhile, here are two pictures from the MLA to keep you entertained. They pretty much give away where I work, if you hadn't guessed by now. Please note that despite the MLA overlap, this is Fiona's and my personal blog. The views we express here are solely our own and do not represent our places of employment in any way. I'm very, very lucky to work where I do, and it's extremely useful in terms of grad school research, but it is a job and this is my personal blog. So. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. I think blogs are more fun when they have pictures.

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