Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tiny addendum, somewhat relevant

Serena's talk about Oedipus made me think of a monologue which I love and often quote, and which I believe she and I have discussed though I would not swear to it. I have discussed this one with a LOT of people. It's from Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain, which should have won the Pulitzer in 1998 (damn you, Paula Vogel! Not really...):

PIP: No, I mean, it's just, like ... if some oracle told you were going to kill your father and marry your mother, wouldn't you just never kill anybody and stay single? ... And then, if you did inadvertently kill somebody, in the heat of the moment or something, and later started dating? Wouldn't you be smart enough to, like, avoid older women? I mean, to me the moral of that story is not your destiny awaits you. To me it's ... you know ... Do the Fucking Math.
WALKER: You must publish.

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Serena said...

Meh. I don't think we have discussed that one. I think it's just a pretty obvious strategy for avoiding the whole mess.