Tuesday, March 24, 2009

blogging FAIL

I don't even use Twitter, but this is about where we're at right now:

I've been re-reading a bunch of cantos in the Musa translation, because it makes so much more sense to me. It's time-consuming, though, and hasn't much inspired me to blog.

I've also been talking to people about grad school and trying to do some basic research. I feel so unprepared for all of this. I've heard of people quitting their jobs just to prepare for grad school. Yeah, Things I Absolutely Cannot Do.

I have some neat grad school-related things that I might get to do for my job, though. More on that soon, I hope!

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Clare said...

Well some people quit their jobs to prepare for medical school, too. That is a silly idea. You are brilliant, and, moreover, you have real talent and a genuine ability at academics. You don't need to freak out, because hard work from you is better by far than anything money or time spent can buy.